Desjardins Property Management

Desjardins Property Management manages and leases the spaces of several buildings located in Montreal and Lévis. Its multidisciplinary team works not only on the maintenance and physical improvement of the buildings, but also on their performance and surplus value optimization.

Desjardins Property Management manages a building inventory made up of 5 office buildings in Lévis and the Complexe Desjardins in Montreal. The latter is a multifunctional building with a total rentable space of 2.6M square feet. It includes offices and a shopping mall of 110 boutiques and restaurants.

Desjardins Property Management has 53 employees working at its Montreal (Complexe Desjardins) and Lévis offices. The team operates in the following fields: office and commercial space leasing, building management, construction and planning project management, event management, commercial marketing.

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