Desjardins Property Management

Desjardins Property Management is a strategic partner that creates work environments that promote collaboration, productivity and safety for Desjardins Group employees and other tenants. Through its service offering, Desjardins Property Management ensures rigorous, optimal management of buildings and workspaces while supporting its clients' needs.

As well as space and facility management of more than 180 sites in Canada and abroad, Desjardins Property Management manages Cité Desjardins de la cooperation in Levis, as well as Complexe Desjardins and 450, boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest in Montreal.

Desjardins Property Management's multidisciplinary teams operates in the following areas: strategic development planning management, office and retail space leasing, building management, construction and development project management, event management, commercial marketing, sustainable development, physical and real estate security, including emergency and prevention measures, and space monitoring.

Services extend to the Caisse Desjardins network.

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