Desjardins Global Asset Management

Desjardins Global Asset Management is a group of investment experts recognized for its value-added approach and innovation.

In partnership with its clients, Desjardins Global Asset Management acts as a leader, contributes fully to their success and meets all their investment requirements while respecting the values of Desjardins Group.

Desjardins Global Asset Management earns competitive returns while ensuring the optimal balance between risk and returns. It manages more than $55 billion in assets, chiefly from the equity of insurance subsidiaries as well as management mandates from other Desjardins Group components.

Desjardins Global Asset Management manages asset portfolios for clients in various sectors, such as:

  • Life, health and general insurance companies
  • Pension funds
  • Charitable foundations
  • Trust companies

Desjardins Global Asset Management has a staff of some 90 employees working out of its offices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Thoroughness, attention to detail and accessibility are the key values that unite the members of the team.

Desjardins Global Asset Management provides a full range of comprehensive solutions driven by innovation and performance. Its team offers services in the following investment sectors:

  • Fixed income
  • Canadian equity
  • Systematic strategies
  • Asset allocation
  • Alternative strategies
  • Responsible investment

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The asset management philosophy of Desjardins Global Asset Management is based on 3 fundamental principles.

  • Proximity: We work closely with each of our clients and partners to build a relationship of trust.
  • Expertise: Through our diversified expertise, we help our clients and partners achieve their objectives.
  • Discipline: Our uncompromising investment process is aimed at delivering stable returns through sound risk management.

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