Nathalie Larue

Executive Vice-President, Strategy, Marketing and Personal Services

Nathalie Larue is the Executive Vice-President of Strategy, Marketing and Personal Services.

She heads up corporate strategy, marketing and the member/client experience and oversees Desjardins's project portfolio. She is also the co-lead in the push to accelerate Desjardins's digital shift. Her mandate includes operations, development and management of financing and payment product offers adapted to Desjardins's personal members and clients.

Nathalie has worked in finance for nearly 25 years. Recognized early in her career for an inclusive leadership style and the ability to produce strong results, she was tapped for key positions at the helm of large multidisciplinary teams. Between 2005 and 2017, she was a vice-president in several sectors at Desjardins, including personal and business banking, strategic planning, marketing and large-scale projects.

Her passion, vision and talent for innovation helps her identify promising ideas, and her leadership style helps her execute and produce results. Her gift for strategy, a pragmatic management approach and her natural communication skills have put her in a position to play a major role in Desjardins today, and in the future.

In her personal life, Nathalie volunteers her time with community organizations that support youth, business and the arts.