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Call for nominations

The call for nominations has ended.

The next call for nominations will begin in the third week of January. In the meantime, contact us to express your interest in a director position.

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"I think that every member on the board of directors plays an important role. Each person has a different experience and puts their strengths to work for the caisse."

– Saoussene Zair, Director

Caisse Desjardins de Sainte-Foy

About the director position

  • Apply your skills

  • Join a collective force of 2,500 people

  • Influence change within Desjardins Group

In March or April, during the caisse's annual general meeting (AGM), members elect their new representatives for a 3-year term on the board of directors.

The board focuses on the interests of members, of the caisse and of Desjardins Group. An orientation and integration program, mandatory training, and a variety of other tools are available to help newly elected directors understand what's expected of them.

Seeking diverse candidates

A caisse's board establishes a set of skills and traits required to fulfill its responsibilities. Board composition is meant to reflect members and the community, comprising people with a wide range of skills and of different genders, cultures and ages. Directors have experience in a variety of areas, including customer service, legal services, cooperatives, accounting and business management. You can refer to your caisse's nomination form for details on open positions and target profiles.

Main duties

  • Understand and meet the needs of caisse members
  • Analyze, make decisions and monitor the affairs of the caisse
  • Ensure that the caisse is managed in a sound and prudent manner in compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks
  • Protect the organization's long-term success while upholding Desjardins's mission, values and cooperative nature
  • Make sure that the caisse contributes to responsible and sustainable development in the community

What's involved?

Directors serve a 3-year term and receive compensation in recognition of their duties and responsibilities. Below is a rough idea of how many times the board meets. Meetings may take place either in person or online.

Board meetings

Approximately 10 per year

Board committee meetings

Approximately 4 per year

Federation meetings

Approximately 4 per year

Board of directors

Each caisse has a board of directors of up to 15 people who work to address the needs of caisse members. The board plays a central role in caisse governance and development.

Learn more about board duties

"Being a board member of my caisse means I can help ensure that the caisse's decisions are always centred around members' needs."

– Alexandre Lajoie, Director

Caisse Desjardins du personnel municipal Québec

How to apply

Are you interested in becoming a caisse director? Have a look at the eligibility criteria, view your caisse's call for nominations and find out how to apply starting in the third week of January.

Check the eligibility criteria

You are eligible if:

  • You've been a member of your caisse for at least 90 days prior to the annual general meeting (AGM)
  • You live, work or have a permanent address in Quebec
  • You're 18 or older
  • You do not work for Desjardins Group
  • You meet the criteria outlined in the Information kit (PDF, 3.5 MB).

View your caisse's call for nominations documents


  1. Send your completed Nomination form and résumé to your caisse by email before the deadline indicated on the form. The email address is indicated in the call for nominations.
  2. You'll receive an email confirmation a few days later.
  3. Your caisse will contact you to discuss your file.

Information kit

To learn more about the director position refer to the Information kit (PDF, 3.5 MB).

Board Succession program

The Board Succession program provides caisse members with an opportunity to learn more about how the board of directors works and to bolster their caisse's performance. The board of directors selects the winning candidates, who participate in board meetings and discussions, but without voting rights. It's an opportunity to represent your community and embody cooperative values. Contact your caisse to find out if it takes part in the program and when you can apply.

Testimonials: The community at the heart of their work

  • "As a board member of my caisse, I have a chance to make a real difference for members and my community. And that's rewarding."

    – Jaqueline Khayat, Director

    Caisse Desjardins de Saint-Martin de Laval

  • "I've always liked getting involved, especially if I'm able to share my skills and knowledge. It's really rewarding to be on the board of my caisse."

    – Clément Pouliot, Director

    Caisse Desjardins de Bellechasse

  • "I joined my caisse's board of directors because I care about Desjardins. Cooperative principles have always been near and dear to me, and I wanted to get involved in an organization that shares my values."

    – Joëlle Girard, Director

    Caisse Desjardins du Sud de la Chaudière

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