Francine Champoux - Biography

Executive Vice-President, Risk Management

Francine Champoux is Executive Vice-President of Risk Management, a natural progression after acting as Chief Risk Officer from 2013 to 2016. Her mandate is to manage strategic, operational and business risk (credit, market, insurance and liquidity) for all Desjardins Group activities. She ensures that risk limits and policies are set and that the organization's risk assessment and monitoring systems run smoothly. Ms. Champoux is also responsible for implementing the Basel Accords, conducting risk management activities and providing risk management support to caisses and business sectors.

Ms. Champoux, who joined Desjardins Group in 1997, has held successive leadership positions in corporate banking, capital markets and credit risk management. Prior to joining Desjardins, she worked in a variety of business sectors and held management roles in the banking industry. She holds an MBA in Finance.