Antoine Avril

Executive Vice-President, Risk Management

Antoine Avril is Executive Vice-President of Risk Management. This sector is responsible for managing strategic, operational and business risk (credit, market, insurance, liquidity, compliance and privacy) for all Desjardins Group activities. Antoine ensures that risk limits and policies are set and that the organization's risk assessment and monitoring systems run smoothly. He's also responsible for implementing and maintaining the Basel Accords, operationalizing risk management activities, and supporting the caisses and business sectors in this area. The Risk Management Executive Division is one of Desjardins Group's main support functions.

He joined Desjardins in 2010 as Director, Co-Head of Financing, and Head of Structure and Syndication for Desjardins Capital Markets. Since joining the organization, Antoine has held the positions of Vice-President, Major Accounts and Real Estate Financing, and Vice-President and Chief Credit Risk Officer.

He has a master's degree in integrated risk management from the London School of Economics and Political Science and another in management sciences from Université Paris Dauphine-PSL. He held several management positions at other financial institutions before joining Desjardins.