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A new look for the caisse's head office

Desjardins has been deeply involved in La Matanie's development since 1909. That's why we're pleased to announce a new milestone in the caisse's history: the modernization of our head office in Matane. The renovations, beginning in fall 2023, will allow us to offer a modern environment that better meets the needs of our members and clients. The caisse will share the new building with Desjardins Business, Desjardins Signature Service and Desjardins Securities.

"Since our founding 114 years ago, the community has changed and the needs of our members have evolved. We try to stay modern and experience these changes hand-in-hand with our members; that's why we're always updating our way of doing things. Today, we're proud to continue this tradition by announcing our plan to modernize our head office and offer an improved experience to our members," says Caisse Chair Micheline Verreault.

After looking at a variety of options, we've decided that the best way to serve our members is to remain at the head office's current location, where we've been since 1969. During the renovation period, the caisse's services will be relocated to the Saint-Rédempteur Service Centre. Members and clients should be able to enjoy the new head office by the end of 2024.