Do you know about RI?

Do you know about RI? (1 min 54 s)

Added on May 26, 2014

Do you know about savings? Savings also means making investment choices. Did you know that you can, at the same time, reap profits and contribute to sustainable development? Here is how…

Video: Do you know about RI?

Do you know about RI? (1 min 54 s)

Added on May 26, 2014 | Personal

Do you know about savings? Sure, everyone sets money aside at some point for a trip, a house or retirement. But do you know how to invest? There are various ways to grow savings using different investment products. Choosing an investment involves making several choices. First, you have to find a product that meets your needs. But did you know there's another way to approach it? Investing can also be a way to participate in our collective future, building a healthy world where everyone lives together harmoniously-too good to be true? Let's take Vanessa, for example. She shops locally, has no car and invests in local businesses, opting for solidarity investments. Peter, meanwhile, is a man who keeps close track of his finances. He's planning his retirement and leaving nothing to chance. He invests in funds that hold shares of large companies selected for their social and environmental practices. He's hoping to contribute to sustainable development. So is it possible to reap profits and also contribute to the common good? Absolutely!-thanks to Socially Responsible Investing, also called SRI. When you invest this way, you're contributing to better business practices. The companies you invest in are monitored to make sure they apply good management, social responsibility and environmental practices. If they don't comply with investor requirements, they're removed from the lineup. When you opt for socially responsible investing, you're choosing a portfolio where your money can benefit not only you, but also your community and the planet. And if we pool our efforts and work together, like Peter and Vanessa, we can invest in a better tomorrow. So take a stand and become a socially responsible investor!