Momentum Fund

Momentum Fund

Funding to help you grow your business

As a business owner, you care about the future of your business.

With the Momentum Fund, we're helping local businesses fund projects designed to generate growth. In turn, we're helping create quality jobs—a key driver in regional economic development.

We're here to help you grow your business, whether it's by stimulating innovation, accelerating your digital transformation or investing in energy-efficient equipment.

The Momentum Fund covers:

  • 25%
    of project costs

  • Up to
    ten thousand dollars

Project categories

To qualify for funding, your project must fall under one of the fund's 9 categories.

Objective: Protect jobs and businesses in rural areas and close innovation gaps with other countries

Your project must demonstrate 1 of the following:

  • Technological advance
  • Innovative production technique
  • Process for supporting innovation over the long term
  • Innovation across multiple areas of your business, such as finance, management, production, networking and customer relations

Objective: Create and maintain wealth, retain technical and business expertise and preserve businesses in rural communities

Criteria for projects in this category:

  • The buyer takes part in a share ownership plan to gradually take control of the business.
  • The training plan identifies growth hurdles and provides the timeline and duly signed acquisition agreement.
  • The training plan is accompanied by a leadership profile, an evaluation of the successor candidate and a list of needs.

Objective: Offset low local growth potential by increasing exports

Your project must aim to accelerate international sales growth.

Objective: Create innovative programs for recruiting and retaining top talent

Projects in this category must present ideas for attracting and keeping talented and motivated employees.

Objective: Help businesses reduce their carbon footprint

Your project must aim to reduce your business's energy consumption.

Objective: Encourage buying local to preserve jobs and help local businesses survive in a social distancing context

Your project must propose 1 of the following:

  • Creation of a secure online payment process
  • Adoption of effective cybersecurity measures

Your idea should aim to boost site traffic or online sales.

Objective: Reorganize workspaces to comply with new hygiene and physical distancing measures

These projects primarily require the purchase of new office furniture or equipment.

Objective: Provide psychological assistance to business owners and their employees to help them cope with the challenges of covid-19

Types of eligible projects:

  • Implementation of an employee assistance program
  • Initiatives promoting mental health during covid-19
  • Projects carried out with certified professionals

Objective: Help businesses in rural areas adapt to stay afloat and create or maintain jobs

These projects must demonstrate a significant change to an original business model due to covid-19.

Submit your project to the Momentum Fund

To learn more about the Momentum Fund or to submit a project, contact your account manager or Desjardins Business centre.

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