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The 7 Fingers


About the organization

The 7 Fingers is a contemporary circus collective whose approach centres on respecting one another and sharing knowledge. The group believes in the potential of circus performance as an outreach tool for at-risk teens and hopes to join forces with social circus organization Cirque Hors Piste.

Goal of the project

To support disadvantaged youth by putting together a cultural mediation program based on the behind-the-scenes aspects of the creative process. To help parents and their children feel less isolated and experience a change of scenery by holding family workshops in a safe environment and positive atmosphere.

Photos of The 7 Fingers

Artists using hula hoops at one of The 7 Fingers' training studios
Patrick Léonard, Artistic Director at The 7 Fingers
An acrobat swinging around a vertical pole by his hands, legs outstretched
Performers training with props and practicing backbends on several long, wide floor mats at one of The 7 Fingers' studios
A group of performers in one of The 7 Fingers' training studios, with a man climbing onto another man's shoulders in the foreground

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