GoodSpark Fund

GoodSpark Fund

$250M to go all in

We've been here, serving our communities, for the past 120 years. In an effort to boost regional development and socioeconomic recovery, we've committed to investing $250 million by 2024 in projects that support our communities' priorities, including youth, sustainable development and entrepreneurship.

"Community initiatives are often the best plan of action against difficult situations like the COVID-19 crisis. They need our support now more than ever, whether it's to get organizations and businesses back on their feet, jump on new development opportunities or create new partnerships."

Guy Cormier, President and CEO
of Desjardins Group

Investing in what matters most

We're looking to support community projects that contribute to the vitality of our communities by getting our community leaders involved. That's why we invest in organizations working in the areas that matter most to you:

  • Excellence and innovation hubs
  • Employment and labour force
  • Entrepreneurship and business succession
  • The environment
  • Humanitarian work and community involvement
  • Academic success and training
  • Housing and local services
  • Sports, recreation, art, culture and tourism
  • Health and healthy lifestyles


The projects submitted must:

  • Be socioeconomic in nature and be both impactful and sustainable
  • Substantially benefit people and communities through clear and documented objectives
  • Be in line with communities' priorities, as determined by the caisse mergers
  • Demonstrably meet a collective need
  • Mobilize key partners
  • Be consistent with sustainable investment strategies
  • Not create a competitive advantage or destabilize a market or industry
  • Be used to fund a new service offering, not to fund normal operations or to compensate for funds lost due to a performance gap

Project selection

Caisse directors and general managers use their strong understanding of community needs to select projects that will benefit their region.

Submit your project today

If you have any questions about the GoodSpark Fund, the eligibility criteria or the project submission process, contact a caisse manager in your region.

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