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Visibility campaign

The Desjardins Business team is aligned with the ambitions of Quebec and Portneuf region entrepreneurs.

Our advisors and account managers (with the support of various partners) have had the privilege of getting a close-up look at the projects of a dozen of our favourite businesses. We'll be sharing those stories with you throughout 2023.

Whether they're in the start-up, growth and continuity, expansion or business transfer phase, this is a great chance to hear inspiring stories of local entrepreneurs.

Favourite 2024 business stories

Groupe Juno - Secteur de l'agro-alimentaire (in French only, PDF, 1.6 MB) - 

Favourite 2023 business stories

L'Académie Saint-Louis – Secteur de l'éducation (in French only, PDF, 1.11 MB) - 
Nova Film – Culture (in French only, PDF, 1.51 MB) - 
Un Fauteuil Pour Deux – Retail (in French only, PDF, 1.42 MB) - 
Pièces d'auto Alain Côté – Secteur des commerces de détail (in French only, PDF, 1.51 MB) - 

Favourite 2022 business stories

Montego Resto-Club – Restaurant (in French only, PDF, 2.82 MB) - 
Santé dentaire Sara Leclerc – Health professional (in French only, PDF, 1.63 MB) - 

IMMOSTAR – Real estate (in French only, PDF, 2.62 MB) -