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Business property and liability insurance


Basic protection

Get comprehensive coverage

  • All risks: fire, theft, vandalism (including signs, shrubs, etc.)
  • Replacement cost coverage
  • Full compensation following a covered loss – no co-insurance clause, which makes claim settlement easier and you don't get penalized in the event of a partial loss

Get peace of mind

  • Automatically included in our policies, unlike some insurers
  • Accidental breakdown coverage for electrical, electronic, computer, telephone, mechanical and refrigeration equipment

Limit your losses

  • Coverage for the actual loss sustained after a covered loss and extra expenses if the business is closed temporarily
  • Compensation to maintain your income and continue normal business operations during repairs

Limit your losses

  • Protection against theft of securities or money by employees, loss of money or securities on or off the premises (for example, armed robbery) and counterfeit money orders or bank notes

Get peace of mind

  • Liability insurance for your premises, operations, work and products
  • Coverage for claims made against you arising from property damage or bodily injury to a third party
  • Injuries sustained by clients or visitors to your office or warehouse, for example

Optional coverage

Extra protection for building owners

Covers increased costs and additional loss of income arising from the enforcement of by-laws regulating zoning or reconstruction in the aftermath of a covered loss

  • E.g., financial losses due to compliance with new requirements when repairing damage or even partial damage
  • E.g., changes in zoning requirements that prevent you from rebuilding on the same site

Get peace of mind

  • Covers damages related to this type of disaster

Get peace of mind

  • This risk can be covered
  • Covers damages related to this type of disaster

Get peace of mind

  • Covers damages related to this type of disaster

Limit your losses

Coverage for loss of income and property damage following an off-premises service interruption caused by a covered loss.

  • For example, a windstorm damages the power lines, causing a 3-day power outage. You suffer property damage, and the business has to be closed for 3 days.

Limit your losses

  • Compensation for up to 12 months
  • Covers ordinary salary if you must continue to pay your staff while the operations are suspended (180-day maximum)
  • Protects you against business income loss following a loss
  • Helps to keep your employees and the resumption of operations

Get full compensation

  • Coverage for specific art work, such as paintings, sculptures or antique furniture

Any questions?

Call one of our specialized business insurance agents. Our certified insurance professionals can advise you on the best coverage for your business.

To fully meet your needs, an account manager can come to you.


Save more on your business insurance premium

  • Install a centrally monitored fire and theft alarm system.
  • Save 10% on the Building portion of your premium if your building is LEED certified.


The advantages of Desjardins Business Insurance:

  • Receive full compensation following a covered loss. With no co-insurance clause, claim settlement is easier, and you're not penalized in the event of a partial loss.
  • Pay no deductible in the event of a fire that sets off your alarm.
  • Pay only one deductible for a single loss on the same location that affects both:
    • personal and commercial property and vehicle(s) insured with us.
  • Enjoy flexible payment options. Up to 12 monthly instalments, with no fees or interest.
  • Use Desjardins BONUSDOLLARS to pay part or all of your premium.

Available only in Quebec.

The clauses and terms of the described coverage are set out in the insurance policy. Some conditions and exclusions apply.