Contribute to the Foundation

Contribute to the Foundation

You too can help young people stay in school.

Make a donation

By credit card

Make a donation by credit card. It's fast, easy, practical and safe.

Make a donation

On AccèsD

You must be a member of a Desjardins caisse or have a Desjardins Visa card to use AccèsD.

Here's how:

1. In the right-hand menu, click Bill Payments.
2. Click the Add a bill tab.
3. Use the search tool to add Desjardins Foundation, then click Search.
4. Select Fondation Desjardins in the search results and click OK.
5. In the Reference no. field, enter the day and month of your birth and click OK.
6. Click the Make a payment tab and find Fondation Desjardins in your organization list.
7. Make the payment.
Make a donation

By cheque

Mail your cheque and contact information to:

Desjardins Foundation
1, complexe Desjardins
P.O. box 7, Desjardins Station
Montreal, Quebec
H5B 1B2

How will your donation help? Here are some examples.


Give a pair of skates to a school for a needy student so they can skate with others.


Help a school fight bullying by providing students with parental guides on violence and bullying (PDF, 1.67 MB) - This link will open in a new window. to take home.


Fund the purchase of seedlings for a school's community garden.


Help a young person go back to school thanks to the Bernard-Normand and Desjardins Foundation awards from the Institut de coopération pour l'éducation des adultes (ICÉA).


Sponsor a disadvantaged youth for 2 years to help them meet their basic needs and finish high school thanks to Éducaide's PERSÉVÉRA program.

View testimonials from youth who've benefited from Desjardins Foundation initiatives

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We can help! Contact us.

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By phone
Montreal area: 514-281-7171
Elsewhere in Canada and the U.S.: 1-800-443-8611

By mail
1, complexe Desjardins
P.O. box 7, Desjardins Station
Montreal, Quebec
H5B 1B2