Account collection service

Centralize your accounts receivables at Desjardins

  • Desjardins collects the amounts due
  • Deposits in your account
  • Daily reports sent by Desjardins


Lets your company centralize the processing of accounts receivables.

Simply bill your clients and Desjardins collects the amounts due and deposits the funds to your account.

Your deposit includes all payments made by your clients at Desjardins or at a Canadian financial institution, regardless of the payment method used (at the teller, at the ATM, by phone, online, by mail).

Lock box cash service

Account collection service for processing payments made exclusively by cheque and by mail. The service can be taken out on a temporary basis.

This service includes:

  • lock box collection, regardless of where it is located
  • computerized reports to improve cash management and customer service

How it works

We have designed a practical leaflet (PDF, 447 KB) - This link will open in a new window. you can include with the bills you mail. Once you've registered for the account collection service, you can promote this service to your clients when billing them (requires only a few changes to current bills).

Payments collected are automatically deposited into your account the next business day after being processed by Desjardins.


For the business

  • Gives you access to your money the next business day after payments are collected and processed by Desjardins
  • Lets you consolidate all your payments into a single Desjardins account
  • Provides fee schedule based on volume of transactions
  • Helps you cut back on account processing costs
  • Generates simple and practical monitoring reports:
    • computerized reports available in AccèsD Affaires
    • printed reports (available at the caisse, by mail or by fax)

For your clients

  • Costs less than cheques
  • Provides them with an additional way to pay their bills
  • Respects their preferred payment method