Access to our financial services has always been the focus of our mission

Meeting the needs of our members and clients is a constant priority for Desjardins. Therefore, our main concern is to make our products and services accessible from all points of view. To do so, it is important for us to adapt to our members' and clients' evolving behaviours, their territorial distribution and their limitations, be they physical or social.

To ensure that accessibility standards are incorporated into policies and practices, Desjardins has adopted a multi-year accessibility plan that will be reviewed and updated at least every 5 years.

See the Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

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Desjardins is committed to ensuring that its website is accessible to the visually disabled, the aging population, people with physical, cognitive or functional limitations, and people with special requirements.


Our ongoing efforts aim to improve the site so that we can provide Desjardins clients with a fully accessible website.

Audits and user tests were done with people with disabilities as well as physical and functional limitations to pinpoint the more pressing areas requiring improved accessibility.

We also ran functional tests using the following screen reader software:

  • Job Access with Speech (JAWS) - Current and last 2 versions (e.g., 16, 17, 18)
  • Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) - Latest version
  • VoiceOver with Apple iOS 10.2. - Latest version


Markup language is based on W3C programming standards.

Several Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 were applied when the Desjardins web and mobile sites were developed:

  • Navigation and presentation must be clear.
  • Links must lead directly to content.
  • Headings (titles, H1, H2, etc.) must be used to organize a page.
  • Language must be clear and simple.
  • Text equivalents and complementary text must provide context.
  • Page titles must describe page content.
  • Colours must contrast well for better readability.
  • Users must be able to stop and pause videos.
  • No automatic redirect or refresh of content upon focus or data entry.
  • Multiple access points to content (breadcrumb trail, search engine, floating toolbars, site map at bottom of page).

Learn more about Web Content Accessibility Guidelines - External link. This link will open in a new window..

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Accessibility for people with disabilities: a priority!

Desjardins Insurance is committed to providing a barrier-free environment where everyone can access our products and services. We are continually working to adapt to the needs of all our clients, whether their limitations are physical or social.

As a member of Desjardins Group, we are committed to following Desjardins Group’s multi-year accessibility plan, which ensures accessibility standards are incorporated into policies and practices. This plan is reviewed and updated at least every 5 years.

See the Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

Our accessibility goals and initiatives

Our customer service is there for you

At Desjardins Insurance, we strive to ensure that clients with disabilities can access the products and services they need in an independent and dignified way. To that end, we have taken certain initiatives. Training is provided to employees on accessible customer service and how to interact with people with different disabilities.

When people with disabilities use our services, they are welcome to bring their service animal or to be accompanied by a support person. We will notify users if there is a problem with the systems or installations that people with disabilities rely on.

Accessible formats and communication support

Desjardins Insurance is committed to making sure all our communications are accessible to everyone and to considering the accessibility needs of people with disabilities.

If you have a disability, please ask us for any additional information or communication support you need.

Accessible websites and web content

At Desjardins Insurance, we strive to make it easier for people with disabilities (such as vision, hearing or cognition) to use our internet and mobile solutions. To reduce navigation barriers, we have implemented an ongoing web accessibility improvement program. The program includes a process to improve and upgrade our websites.

This program will allow us to gradually integrate rules under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 - External link. This link opens in a new window. (level AA) by 2021, in compliance with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) - External link. This link opens in a new window., developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) - External link. This link opens in a new window..

Employment standards

Desjardins Insurance strives to offer equal opportunities to everyone interested in working for us. We ensure that our employment practices are equitable and accessible, allowing us to attract and retain people with disabilities. We apply these employment standards in the hiring process and throughout the employee’s career and development.

Equal access employment program

We have developed an equal access employment program designed to promote the fair representation of minorities and people with disabilities.

Building and workstation accessibility

Our premises are designed to ensure employees with disabilities have easy access to work sites. Plus, workstations can be adapted on request to meet the individual needs of a person with a disability.

Feedback and additional information

You can play an important role in helping us improve the accessibility of our products and services. Your comments and questions will help us establish new policies, practices and services to meet your needs and serve you better

Please contact the Client Complaint Management Centre if you have any questions, requests or comments about accessibility.

A democratic organization responsive to its members' needs, Desjardins's focus has always been to make its facilities accessible. We’ve undertaken several initiatives to reduce the obstacles that might prevent our members with disabilities from benefiting from our services.

Here are a few elements that illustrate Desjardins's ongoing commitment to accessibility.

Accessibility of buildings

Every new Desjardins construction or major renovation project includes features to provide access to people with mobility impairments according to established standards, including parking spaces.

Accessibility of ATMs

The Desjardins network's ATMs are accessible to those with reduced immobility, smaller stature or visual impairments.

Accessible ATMs can be identified by their lower components (keyboard, screen, buttons), a grab bar and shelves that are practical for people with reduced mobility or people of smaller stature, thus enabling them to safely make transactions.

All Desjardins ATMs offer voice-guided systems to help the visually impaired, the functionally illiterate and elderly people take full advantage of ATMs. By inserting earphones into a jack on the ATM, these members can obtain private voice instructions explaining how to use the ATM and guiding them every step of the way through their transactions. This application was developed in collaboration with associations for persons with disabilities.

Refer to the ATM voice assistance user manual

Accessibility made possible by other payment methods

Many of our online services and solutions allow people with reduced mobility to regain autonomy without compromising security. Here are a few examples:

  • Invoice payments online or by phone
  • Making payments by credit card without having to step out of the house
  • Direct payments and withdrawals
  • Remote cheque deposits
  • Interac e-Transfers

Your comments on accessibility

You play an important role in making our products and services more accessible.

For information or to share your thoughts on accessibility at Desjardins, please contact your caisse or Desjardins Business centre.

How caisse member habits and our distribution network have evolved

Over the years, the habits of caisses members have changed considerably, going from teller transactions (cheque cashing, deposits, etc.) to electronic transactions (electronic transfers, statements, etc.).

Desjardins has had to adapt to the changes brought about by this increased use of virtual transactions, while remaining aware of the concerns of communities when a point of service shuts down, and of the effects these closures have on the community.

Changes to our distribution network are first discussed with local communities to get their feedback. Desjardins Group is committed to remaining the most available financial institution. We must consider new business realities and adapt to our members' changing habits in terms of financial services, while ensuring our institution remains easily accessible to all our members.

Examples of solutions implemented with local communities that meet their needs:

Affordable solutions to maintain our presence in sparsely populated areas:

  • Sharing of facilities, buildings and employees
  • Mobile advisory services and virtual advisors
  • Agreements with merchants to allow members to make withdrawals with or without purchase
  • Installation of work spaces with high-speed Internet in libraries or municipal offices

Solutions to remain in close contact with our members:

  • Support for public transportation in rural areas
  • On-demand transportation service, reimbursement of taxi or bus fares
  • ATM or AccèsD training
  • Sending an employee on set days to communities with a reduced mobility population (basic transactions)

The caisses are open to all, without any discrimination, and encourage members to participate in the cooperative life and influence caisse orientations at the annual general meetings or by taking part in surveys.

To ensure access to financial services for all, Desjardins Group offers products and services that meet the varying needs of all its members.

The caisses are also a positive integration tool for cultural communities and newcomers to Quebec and Canada:

  • Our members have access to caisses which gather members of cultural communities (Chinese, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese and Ukrainian).
  • They can benefit from services in their mother tongue.

Find a caisse offering services in another language


Since knowledge of the Canadian financial system is one of the conditions of successful integration and financial success of newcomers, Desjardins Group is committed to the financial education of this particular clientele.

A number of tools intended for newcomers are available:

  • Information kits in French, English and Spanish, also available at the caisses, present and explain the world of Canadian finance
  • Newsletters published on the website (site in French only) supplies pertinent financial information to future immigrants
  • Information about Desjardins and its financial products are presented in the Newcomers to Canada section
  • The form to open an account online has been simplified and can be filled in from outside Canada

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