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Available services

Do you have major assets and complex needs? Signature Service offers you a comprehensive and distinctive approach that allows you to effectively manage your assets and wealth.

Main advantages of Signature Service

  • A joint offer from the 10 caisses1 of Ontario.
  • Highly experienced financial planners
  • A team of experts from all financial sectors at your service
  • Effective management of your assets for your future projects and retirement
  • A rigorous approach and close monitoring

Offer advantages

Allows you to:

  • maximize your investment strategies
  • improve your tax situation
  • enjoy a long, comfortable and peaceful retirement
  • diligently prepare to transfer your assets
  • protect your loved ones
  • contribute to the success of your children

Services offered

  • Investment and financing
  • Tax strategies2
  • Financing
  • Brokerage3
  • Estate planning2
  • Business transfers2


  • Careful examination of your situation
  • Preparation of your financial plan and action plan
  • Closely monitored implementation

Signature Service - Ensure a solid financial future for you and your loved ones

Signature Service offices are located in Ottawa region

To learn more, contact:

David Deschenes David Deschenes4
Signature Service Manager
416 360-2358, ext. 7324405
1 888 816-2358, ext. 7324405
Contact by email

Ontario Signature Service Team

Prisca Andriamaharo Prisca Andriamaharo
Financial Services Agent
416 360-2358, ext. 7324401
1 888 816-2358, ext. 7324401
Contact by email
Shawn Filion Shawn Filion5
Wealth Management Account Manager
416 360-2358, ext. 7324422
1 888 816-2358, ext. 7324422
Contact by email
Christian Lacelle Christian Lacelle5
Wealth Management Account Manager
416 360-2358, ext. 7324412
1 888 816-2358, ext. 7324412
Contact by email
Hélène Marleau Nathalie Leblanc5
Financial Services Agent
416 360-2358, ext. 7324402
1 888 816-2358, ext. 7324402
Contact by email
Michael Manirakiza Michael Manirakiza5
Wealth Management Account Manager
416 360-2358, ext. 7324411
1 888 816-2358, ext. 7324411
Contact by email
Hélène Marleau Hélène Marleau4
Specialized Financing Advisor
416 360-2358, ext. 7324421
1 888 816-2358, ext. 7324421
Contact by email
Marie-Claude Péloquin Marie-Claude Péloquin5
Wealth Management Account Manager
416 360-2358, ext. 7324423
1 888 816-2358, ext. 7324423
Contact by email
Julien Sasseville Julien Sasseville5
Wealth Management Account Manager
416 360-2358, ext. 7324424
1 888 816-2358, ext. 7324424
Contact by email
  1. Caisse Desjardins d'Alfred, Caisse Desjardins de Cornwall, Caisse Desjardins Nouvel-Horizon, Caisse Desjardins Rideau-Vision d'Ottawa, Caisse Desjardins Trillium, Caisse Desjardins de la Vallée, Caisse Desjardins Vallée Est, Caisse Desjardins Vermillon, Caisse Desjardins Voyageurs, Caisse Desjardins Sud-Ouest Ontario.
  2. Guidance provided as needed by various Desjardins or external partners.
  3. Brokerage services are provided by Desjardins Securities Inc. investment advisors.
  4. Mutual Fund Representative for Desjardins Financial Services Firm Inc.
  5. Financial Planner and Mutual Fund Representative for Desjardins Financial Services Firm Inc.