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Our videos

Watch the videos that were presented at the Caisse Annual General Meeting on April 15, 2015:

100th anniversary

Relive the main events that were organized for the caisse's 100th anniversary.

anniversaire de la Caisse

Watch the video:
100e anniversaire de la Caisse - This link will open in a new window. (in French only) (2 min 00 s)

Un chef d'œuvre de coopération contest winners

Anne Plourde won the Youth category for her masterpiece entitled Limoilou suspendu, while Manu Lerendu and Benoit Vauthier (Petite mécanique limoiloise) as well as Michel Blouin (Mon quartier, notre caisse, nos couleurs) won the 2 prizes of the General public category. The contest, organized to celebrate Caisse Desjardins de Limouilou's 100th anniversary, called upon all amateur and professional artists to submit a work of art that reflects the caisse's impact in the community. Winners received their $2,000 prize from Desjardins Group Chair of the Board, President and CEO Monique F. Leroux, and their works of art will be displayed at the caisse in the near future.

2014 report: $2 million in individual and collective member dividends

Caisse Desjardins de Limoilou's financial performance in 2014 allows it to pay out a total of $2 million in member dividends: $1.55 million in individual member dividends and $450,000 in collective dividends (Community Development Fund).

Watch an animated video presenting the highlights of the caisse's 2014 social responsibility report (in French only).

Watch the video for a look back at our Annual General Meeting and 100th anniversary celebrations on April 15, 2014.

Start the video

Watch the video:

Revivez le lancement de notre 100e anniversaire!

(in French only) (2 min 37 s)

2014 General Annual Meeting

Watch the 100th anniversary video, which takes a look at Desjardins from the start until today and features Claude Genest from Société historique Alphonse-Desjardins. The video was shown during our 100th anniversary cocktail on April 15, 2014.

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Watch the video:

Desjardins, d'hier à aujourd'hui

(in French only) (5 min 56 s)

Watch the second clip filmed for the Caisse's 100th anniversary. Historian Réjean Lemoine describes the Limoilou neighbourhood at the start of the last century, when the first caisse was founded in Limoilou.

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Watch the video:

1900-1950, l'émergence d'un quartier

(in French only) (5 min 05 s)

Watch the testimonials of 4 organizations that received financial support from the Caisse in 2013: Centre Mgr Marcoux, Productions Limoilou en Vrac, Canadian Red Cross -Quebec Office and École des Jeunes-du-Monde.

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Watch the video:

Desjardins, avantageux pour moi, avantageux pour nous tous!

(in French only) (5 min 57 s)

Watch the testimonials of 2 officer members of the Caisse, who explain how sitting on a Caisse board and committee benefits them and the community.

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Watch the video:

Témoignage de 2 dirigeants

(in French only) (1 min 21 s)

Watch the video shown at the Annual General Meeting of April 24, 2012. You'll hear from the members who took part in all 4 Caisse consultations in February and March 2012. The meetings were held to discuss a new service offer that will be implemented over the course of the year 2012.

Watch the video: La parole aux membres (in French only)

La parole aux membres (in French only)

(5 min 16 s)

Watch a video in which our employees tell you about the positive effects of the new service quality offer. The video complemented the presentation made at the 2012 Annual General Meeting.

Watch a video that explains how the Community Development Fund works and how it benefits our members and communities. The video was shown at the Annual General Meeting of April 24, 2012.

Watch a video made by Caisse Desjardins de Limoilou employees. You'll see the150 Caisse employees in a new light! The video was launched in April 2010 at the Caisse Annual General Meeting.

Watch the tribute video: Lip dub (in French only)

Lip dub (in French only)

(3 min 49 s)

Watch a video by famous local filmmaker Jean-Claude Labrecque. The original soundtrack was performed by the songwriters at the 2011 Caisse Annual General Meeting. The Caisse produced the video to showcase the unique features and beauty of Limoilou, as well as the pride of residents who were born and raised there.

Watch the tribute video: Je parle à Limoilou (in French only)

Je parle à Limoilou (in French only)

(in French only, 3 min 56 s)

Watch 3 testimonial videos that feature 5 residents' love for the Limoilou neighbourhood.

Thank you to Claude Cossette, Yvan Caron, André Drolet Claude Rousseau and Danielle Déry for participating in a video that pays tribute to our beautiful neighbourhood. They shared both childhood memories and their vision for the Limoilou of today and tomorrow. The 3 videos were shown at the 2011 Caisse Annual General Meeting, under the theme of pride.

Watch the testimonial video, part 1: "Témoignages - Partie 1"

Témoignages - Partie 1

(in French only, 2 min 18 s)

Watch the testimonial video, part 2: "Témoignages - Partie 2"

Témoignages - Partie 2

(in French only, 5 min 30 s)

Watch the testimonial video, part 3: "Témoignages - Partie 3"

Témoignages - Partie 3

(in French only, 1 min 36 s).