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2019 Lectures

Conférence 2019

Personalized events for every stage of your life

Your caisse is much more than just financial advice. We have a dynamic and customized calendar of informative and educational activities geared towards your evolving financial life. Discover lectures and training sessions available free of charge this fall1.


Lecture – Parents for life

  • Advice to prepare you financially for the arrival of a child
  • Support for better budget planning
  • Insurance and investment options for the future

Lecture – Your dream, your new reality

  • Advice for selling a property with a real estate agent
  • Investment options following a sale
  • Estate planning: a notary to answer all your questions

Lecture – Your dream, your first new property

  • Financial tools to beef up your purchase strategy
  • Tips and tricks to making your project a reality
  • Meet and greet with a notary, real estate agent and mortgage experts


Training – AccèsD mobile

  • Learn how to use AccèsD easily
  • Optimize your time using technology
  • Surfing on your tablet, cellphone or laptop

Should you have questions or require more information, contact us by phone at 418-872-1445, ext. 7070299, or by email - This link will open in a new window..

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  1. *Dates and event registration process coming soon.