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Financial results

2016 highlights

Caisse populaire Trillium is:

An accessible and leading-edge financial institution, in close contact with its 25,147 members:

  • 8 service centres and 11 ATMs serving the entire territory.
  • 1 Desjardins business centre
  • 1 Desjardins Wealth Management service

Skilled employees and a full range of financial products and services:

  • 109 Caisse employees and 57 Desjardins Business–Ottawa and Eastern Ontario employees who work in close contact with members
  • Mortgage representatives available to meet with you at work or at home, 7 days a week
  • Financial security representatives working with Desjardins Financial Security
  • Investment advisors from Desjardins Securities
  • Private wealth managers from Desjardins Wealth Management

For information on financial results, see the: