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Ongoing member statisfaction telephone survey from January to December 2011

We live in a context of fierce competition. Our members, demanding and well-informed, are being tempted by other financial institutions. It is therefore essential for us to ensure their complete satisfaction at all times.

As caisse owners and users, members have the right to expect a level of service that is above reproach. Consequently, we decided to conduct a member satisfaction telephone survey from January to December 2010 with advisory and standard services users.

This important outreach activity will be carried out by the team of interviewers at of the Specialized Communications Services Administrative Department's call centre. The results will be processed by the Department's Surveys bureau. Each telephone interview will last approximately 7 to 10 minutes.

No personal information will be disclosed: we will only be presented with an overall report. The purpose of this exercise is not to question the quality of the work of our personnel, but rather to find ways to optimize the quality of service we offer our trusting members.

Management thanks you in advance for your much appreciated collaboration.