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2019 member dividend payout

At the April 10 annual general meeting, members adopted the proposed allocation of surplus earnings. Between May 27 and June 7, 2019, our caisse will distribute $1,160,894 to its members.

Individual dividends on volume: $829,394
Individual dividends on products (new): $153,180
Community Development Fund: $178,320

Volume dividends

This is the amount paid to eligible members based on their use of certain products and services in 2018.

Rate on volume dividends:

Interest paid

  • Personal chequing accounts: 5.725%
  • Regular savings accounts: 5.357%
  • Term savings accounts: 5.336%
  • Registered plans: 5.237%

Average outstanding amount

  • Desjardins Funds: 0.081%
  • Term savings accounts and MLGI registered plans: 0.078%
  • Accord D Personal financing: 0.246%
  • Accord D Business financing: 0.134%

Interest received

  • Personal loans: 1.855%
  • Business loans: 1.779%
  • Product dividends

    The product dividend is a fixed amount that is refunded to you when you hold a product in each of the 4 eligible families. In 2019, the maximum amount is $50. See all details of the product dividend.

    Permanent shares

    Members who hold permanent shares will be entitled to an interest payment of 2%.

    Surplus shares

    Members who hold patronage shares will be entitled to an interest payment of 2% which will be made in May.

    Starting May 28, go to Accès D to see the dividend amount deposited to your account with a detailed, user-friendly display.

    Community Development Fund

    This year, we’ve created a new Community Development Fund (CDF). This dividend will allow us to support projects that have a real impact on municipal employees. The allocation policy will be published soon.

    Should you have any questions, please email us - This link will open in a new window..