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Mortgage services

Come meet our wonderful team, devoted to advising and guiding you in all your housing needs.

Our Desjardins mortgage development advisors will take the time to listen to you and understand your projects in order to give you recommendations tailored to your needs. Great advice means great savings!

Our team servces Bois-Franc, Bordeaux, Cartierville and Saint-Laurent.
Call us for a free consultation!

France Pennino France Pennino
Mortgage Representative
1-877-349-0334, poste 701
Cell: 514-575-2009
Fax: 1-877-349-0334
Contact by e-mail - This link will open in a new window.
Tarek Bahmane Tarek Bahmane
Mortgage Representative
Cell: 514-623-6231
Fax: 514-416-5707
Contact by e-mail - This link will open in a new window.


Information and tools

To compare the features of various financing solutions adapted to your needs, see Mortgages. You'll find a wealth of useful information there, regardless of your housing project. Take advantage of it!

  1. A 5-in-1 promotion. In the first year, 1.55% off the 1-year fixed rate ($300,000 loan). This offer can be cancelled without notice and applies only to new mortgages.
  2. Certain conditions apply.