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Let’s CoHOHOperate, the young and the young-at-heart

Holiday wishes that brought smiles to our senior citizens

Let's CoHOHOperate was wonderful moments of love and affection that brought happiness to Montreal's senior citizens! The power of inter-cooperation helped send out approximately 11,000 holiday wishes and loving thoughts in French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Ukrainian and more.

Montreal-area caisses organized the inter-cooperation project Let's CoHOHOperate to bring the cooperative values of Desjardins and the Christmas spirit to life among the young and the young-at-heart. Christmas cards were collected from elementary schools and Desjardins employees and members to give to people in their golden years during the holiday season.

“Our senior citizens have contributed to our society and to Desjardins. Caisses Desjardins are a really important part of their lives, through donations, shares and Community Development Funds. Our donations are often in the form of financial assistance, but more important than money are people. Goods, human resources or services… these types of support can be just as valuable. This project demonstrates people's commitment and generosity through small gestures that can make a big difference,” said Pascale Cadieux-Deslauriers of Caisse Desjardins de Tétreaultville and member of the organizing committee.

“What's more, the ISQ (Institut de la statistique du Québec) forecasts that there will be 107 people aged 65 and over for every 100 youth in greater Montreal in 2031. Knowing that ratio reached 74 senior citizens per 100 youth in 2006, it's already clear that promoting education about the issues that will affect our society will be a challenge” said Michèle Chouinard of Caisse Desjardins de Bois-Franc—Bordeaux—Cartierville and member of the organizing committee.

More than 31 Desjardins caisses and entities, 65 elementary schools and a number of organizations participated this year. Many employees, members and their families filled mailboxes with holiday wishes, and the senior citizens who received the cards were touched and very appreciative. Delivering the cards throughout the month of December took the project and extra step and fostered magical moments for people who don't have many opportunities to meet people or have visitors. Here are some examples: children went to a nursing home to hand out cards; Christmas carols were organized by several schools; general managers and employees visited people at their homes.

The caisses were fortunate to have the opportunity to organize the project and, above all, to participate in holiday moments.

Il était une fois... CoHOHOpérons 2012

Voir la vidéo Il était une fois... CoHOHOpérons 2012

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Our partners' events
A partner appreciation event was held on December 12 in the welcoming home of Les Petits Frères. There were 70 guests present to hear first-hand accounts of project activities and benefits. The event marked the conclusion of the card collection and the beginning of the distribution in several Montreal-area seniors' homes, nursing homes and by meals on wheels.

Our important partners
Montreal-area caisses want to sincerely thank the participation and the commitment of the following partners, who made this important project possible: Les Petits Frères, Norampac, TC Media and Desjardins. We would also like to acknowledge the work of the Desjardins mail team, who was on board with the project from the beginning and agreed to handle the 11,000 wonderful holiday wishes.

A picture is worth a thousand words
To see some pictures and videos from various moments of this cooperative campaign, visit the CoHOHOperate Facebook page or go to YouTube.