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Pampering our members while giving back to the community

On July 26 and 27, 2018, our members were able to benefit from an exclusive advantage offered at our head office: 2 days of free car washes, offered in partnership with the Villeray Coopérative d'initiation à l'entrepreneuriat collectif (CIEC).

Sponsored by Carrefour jeunesse-emploi Centre-Nord, the CIEC of Villeray is a cooperation and entrepreneurship training project uniting about 15 teenagers of the community. Aged between 13 and 17, these teens create their own cooperative business for the summer and offer a range of services to local residents during that period: window and car washing, house cleaning, gardening, babysitting, dog walking, assistance to seniors, and more.

In addition to financially contributing to this great initiative, our team decided to hire these budding entrepreneurs of the Villeray CIEC for 2 car washing contracts during the summer. So, while our experts were busy indoors taking care of your finances, these young people were washing your car outside.

Now that's a great way to make your visit to the caisse that much more meaningful.