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Fondation Acadé-Kicks: Learning and physical activity made fun

At Caisse Desjardins d'Ahuntsic, we firmly believe that children are our most valuable resource and represent the future of our community. It is therefore essential that they be given proper guidance and the best possible education from an early age so they're ready to face the future.

One of the Caisse-supported organizations that shares this vision is Fondation Acadé-Kicks.

Fondation Acadé-Kicks is affiliated with the martial arts school of the same name and is committed to using sport to promote academic success and well-being and to prevent bullying among young people.

The principle is simple—get kids to apply the rigour and discipline they learn from taking part in martial arts to other aspects of their lives.

This is also the objective of the after-school program created in 2010. Offered to kids at the end of the school day, the program includes a supervised homework period and a full taekwondo workout.

Kids participating in the after-school program have shown a significant improvement in their school grades as well as greater involvement in sports, more awareness about healthy eating and overall improved behaviour.

Providing supervision to kids in their schoolwork and in adopting a healthy lifestyle—now there's a winning combination!