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You are here: Home> Personal > Caisse Desjardins du Centre-nord de Montréal > Events, news and publications > MotivAction scholarships: Winners share $30,000

MotivAction scholarships: Winners share $30,000

Caisse Desjardins du Centre-nord de Montréal is pleased to support its young members by awarding $30,000 in scholarships through its 2018 MotivAction program.

It was in a festive and friendly atmosphere that the scholarships were officially awarded at our Ahuntsic Service Centre on Tuesday, October 16. It's our way of showing our commitment to young people during Co-op Week.

Here are this year's scholarship recipients:

Back to school - $1,000 each

  • Capdevila Deprez - Airline pilot
  • Abdillahi Hassan Moussa - Electromechanics

CEGEP - $1,000 each

  • Laurence Charbonneau - Natural science
  • Philippe Hong Lalonde - Data technologies
  • Philippe Larose - Woodworking
  • Natacha Papieau - Economy

Bachelor's - $1,500 each

  • Guillaume Archambault Lelièvre - Urban planning
  • Corinne Dupont Rachiele - Administration
  • Étienne Farmer - Biomedical sciences
  • Florence Normandin - Economy
  • Élisabeth Prince - Architectural sciences
  • Corinne Roy - Social work
  • Andréas Schaffhauser-Carpenter - Psychology
  • Catherine Yu Tremblay - Nursing science

Master's or doctorate - $2,000 each

  • David Benoit - Mechanical engineering
  • Samuel Cyr - Pharmaceutical sciences
  • Laurence Éthier - Dance
  • Camille Proulx - Occupational therapy
  • Samuel St-Amour - Health and society
  • Alizée Vautrin - Economy

With our MotivAction scholarship program, we are proud to enrich the lives of our local youth. Congratulations to all the recipients, and may you realize your dreams and your ambitions!