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You are here: Home> Personal > Caisse Desjardins du Centre-nord de Montréal > Events, news and publications > Ilu Ladé: Afro-Cuban culture in the heart of Ahunstic

Ilu Ladé: Afro-Cuban culture in the heart of Ahunstic

On September 27, the not-for-profit organization Ilu Ladé, Culture et Traditions invited members of the public to Parc de l'Île-de-la-Visitation for an introduction to Afro-Cuban culture.

With its rich musical heritage handed down orally, this culture is unfamiliar to many Quebecers. And the main goal of the some 20 members of the organization is precisely to rectify that.

Consisting of the Ilu Ladé choir and percussion school, the organization handed out pamphlets, invited the public to take part in a vocal warm-up and put on a performance.

A professional dancer was also on hand to demonstrate a few traditional dance steps. This enriching encounter presented as part of Journées de la culture was made possible with the financial support of Caisse Desjardins d'Ahuntsic.

Encouraging local talent is one of the Caisse's goals, and with this inspiring activity we can safely say, “Mission accomplished!”