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New touchscreen ATMs

All ATMs in our points of service will be replaced by new touchscreen ATMs in May.

As well as being user-friendly, these ATMs have no-envelope deposit. You’ll be able to deposit cheques and cash together without an envelope and the total will be calculated automatically. It’s easy, practical and very secure.

You’ll find both express ATMs (for withdrawals only) and full-service ATMs with printers at all points of service.

Here is the rollout calendar. Please note that ATMs will not be available on installation dates.

May 8: head office located at 4 rue Vachon

May 23: points of service at 1049 avenue Larue and 1094 boulevard des Chutes

May 27: Boischatel financial expertise centre at 5115 avenue Royale

Help will be available for your first few transactions, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Learn more about the new ATMs.