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Your Mauricie-area Desjardins mortgage representatives

Our mortgage representatives work very closely with our caisse advisors to offer you greater access to our services.

You can meet with a representative 7 days a week, day or evening, anywhere you choose (at your home, work, the caisse or anywhere else).


  • Preapprovals for the purchase or construction (by a builder or by you) of residential buildings with 1 to 4 units
  • Conventional mortgages (financing up to 80% maximum)
  • Insured mortgages (SCHL or Genworth, financing up to 95%)
  • Combines mortgages
  • Versatile Lines of Credit
  • Life and disability insurance for your mortgage

After your meeting, your mortgage representative will give your information to your caisse advisor, so you can continue working with him or her.

Our representatives are renowned for their mortgage expertise.

A member of our team will promptly process your request.

Contact a Maskinongé-area representative

(Select Quebec as the province, Mauricie as the region and Maskinongé as the city and click Search.)