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Rollout of new ATMs

Your caisse Desjardins is introducing a new generation of touchscreen ATMs.

The new cutting-edge ATMs are equipped with touchscreens making them even more user-friendly.

To make a transaction, simply touch the screen and use it just like you would a smartphone or tablet. It's that easy!

ATMs will be closed temporarily during the installation period. We ask that you use the ATMs at other points of service on these dates.

ATM installation dates
  • Saint-Gabriel: May 29
  • Saint-Côme: May 29
  • Saint-Damien: May 30
  • Saint-Michel: June 4
  • Mandeville: June 6
  • Sainte-Émilie: June 6
  • Manawan: June 12
  • Saint-Zénon: June 13