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Our team

A team of competent and considerate employees, attentive managers and committed directors are at your service, each with the same goal in mind: to offer you the best possible service.

Caisse directors are members who choose to devote some of their time to the administration and management of their cooperative. Find out more about elected directors and intern directors.

Board of Directors

Marc Paré
Gaétan Pelletier
Isabelle Métivier
Fernand Major
Member of the Executive Committee
Marie-France Côté
Lise Deschaînes
Véronique Dion
Guy Fortin
Claude Gagnon
Patrick Girouard
Rémi Kelley
Julie Lahaie
Jean-Benoit Ouellet
Alexandre Labbé
Intern Director
Janie Mélançon
Intern Director

Managers ensure the caisse is in good financial standing, protecting the interests of our members and offering sound and profitable financial services.

Linda Dubé
General Manager
819-333-5424, ext. 7205211
Contact by email
Mike Caudron
Market Development Manager
819-333-5424, ext. 7205303
Contact by email
Nathalie Dickey, BBA
Market Development Manager
819-333-5424, ext. 7205411
Contact by email
Marie-Claude Drouin
Member Services and Operations Manager
819-333-5424, ext. 7205308
Contact by email
Josée Laframboise
Human Resources and Member Experience Manager
819-333-5424, ext. 7205307
Contact by email
Sabrina Melançon, BA
General Management Support and Strategic Communications Manager
819-333-5424, ext. 7205402
Contact by email
Sylvie Rivière, BBA, FP
Risk Management, Compliance and Administrative Manager
819-333-5424, ext. 7205302
Contact by email