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Our team

A team of competent and considerate employees, attentive managers and committed directors are at your service, each with the same goal in mind: to offer you the best possible service.

Caisse directors are members who choose to devote some of their time to the administration and management of their cooperative. Find out more about elected directors and intern directors.

Board of Directors

Raffaele Di Lillo
Élio Cerundolo
Property Management
Claude Gobeil
Chartered Accountant
Michael Di Grappa
Senior Vice-President, Canderel Property Management
Carole Gagliardi
Business Development Manager
Carmine Mercadante
Anna Cortina
Serge Branconnier
Division Manager, Ville de Montréal
Nick Panetta
Chartered Accountant
Massimiliano Bernardo
Economist, Professor

Managers ensure the caisse is in good financial standing, protecting the interests of our members and offering sound and profitable financial services.

Agrandissement de l’image des gestionnaires

Seated: Mariano A. De Carolis, General Manager. Standing, left to right: Luigi D'Argenio, Manager, LaSalle Service Centre; Sara Falci, Manager, Saint-Jean-de-la-Croix Service Centre; Marcella Di Lillo, Manager, Henri-Bourassa Service Centre; Monique Nault, Manager, Administrative Services; Michelina Lavoratore, Manager, Personal Services and Business Development; Maria Biondi, Manager, Jean-Talon Service Centre; Carmelo Barbieri, Manager, Maurice-Duplessis Service Centre; Ermes De Dominicis, Manager, Wealth Management; Rita Tamburro, Manager, Fleury Service Centre; Maddalena Baviello, General Management Assistant; Sandro Fabrizi, Manager, Jarry Service Centre; Giuseppe Guerrieri, Manager, Petite-Italie and Papineau Service Centres.

Mariano De Carolis
General Manager
514-270-4124, ext. 7004610
Contact by email
Monique Nault
Administrative Services Manager
514-270-4124, ext. 7004620
Contact by email
Michelina Lavoratore
Personal Services and Business Development Manager
514-270-4124, ext. 7004611
Contact by email
Luisa Simonetti
Manager, Saint-Jean-de-la-Croix Service Centre
514-273-6869, ext. 7004590
Contact by email
Maria Biondi
Manager, Jean-Talon and Jarry Service Centres
514-253-9986, ext. 7004540
Contact by email
Luigi D'Argenio
Lasalle Service Centre Manager
514-364-1252, ext. 7004520
Contact by email
Alessandro Ciminelli
Manager, Henri-Bourassa Service Centre
514-321-8177, ext. 7004530
Contact by email
Giuseppe Guerrieri
Manager, Petite Italie Service Centre
514-270-4121, ext. 7004510
Contact by email
Rita Tamburro
Manager, Fleury and Papineau Service Centres
514-385-3603, ext. 7004550
Contact by email
Carmelo Barbieri
Rivière-des-Prairies Service Centre Manager
514-643-3482, ext. 7004580
Contact by email
Ermes De Dominicis
Wealth Management Manager
514-270-4124, ext. 7004690
Contact by email