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Our team

A team of competent and considerate employees, attentive managers and committed directors are at your service, each with the same goal in mind: to offer you the best possible service.

Caisse directors are members who choose to devote some of their time to the administration and management of their cooperative. Find out more about elected directors and intern directors.

Board of Directors

Manon D'Auteuil Manon D'Auteuil
Russel Tremblay Russel Tremblay
Jean-Benoît Landry Jean-Benoît Landry
Denis Blouin Denis Blouin
Patrick Gwilliam Patrick Gwilliam
Michel Dubé Michel Dubé
Kateri Champagne Jourdain Kateri Champagne Jourdain
Zéa Blackburn Zéa Blackburn
Mylène Sivret Mylène Sivret

Managers ensure the caisse is in good financial standing, protecting the interests of our members and offering sound and profitable financial services.

Serge Parent Serge Parent
General Manager
Nancee Levesque Nancee Levesque
General Management Assistant
Cindy Labrie-Bujold Cindy Labrie-Bujold
Market Development Manager
Karine St-Pierre Karine St-Pierre
Member Services Manager
Abdallah Sayad Abdallah Sayad
Compliance and Operational Efficiency Assistant Manager
Sabryna Carrier-Boudreau Sabryna Carrier-Boudreau
Administrative Assistant

Each advisor is especially focused on each of your life’s key stages, from the introduction to the financial world, to working life, and leading up to—and into—retirement.

Our advisors understand the financial dreams and challenges that come up at every life stage. Their advice will help you make the right decisions over time so you can achieve your financial goals—and peace of mind

Entering the financial world

Our dynamic team of specialists can offer effective financial strategies that reflect the situations of members who are just stepping into the financial world.

Lydia Lévesque
Personal Finance Advisor (Youth Segment) and School Caisse Representative

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Young families and working members

Our team of professionals fully understand the needs of young families and working members and can offer them effective strategies so they can achieve their financial goals and look forward to a promising future.

Sylvie Pelletier
Personal Finance Advisor
Priscilla Gagnon Durette
Personal Finance Advisor

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Planning for retirement

As professionals and workers approach their fifties, they have fewer financial commitments and are already thinking about a comfortable retirement filled with new projects. Our experienced specialists can offer winning strategies to achieve retirement goals.

Alain Arsenault
Wealth Management Advisor
Annie Gasse
Personal Finance Advisor
Maude Lareau
Personal Finance Advisor
Sylvie Pelletier
Personal Finance Advisor
Cindy Labrie-Bujold
Wealth Management Advisor

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Retirees have met most of their financial goals and can now fully enjoy their favourite activities. Our team of experienced specialists can offer effective strategies for managing retirement income so that with retirement comes with peace of mind.

Alain Arsenault
Wealth Management Advisor
Annie Gasse
Personal Finance Advisor
Cindy Labrie-Bujold
Wealth Management Advisor

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Business owners and professionals

Entrepreneurs and business professionals need to juggle their personal and professional goals on a daily basis. Our specialized advisors work closely with Desjardins Business account managers to provide tailor-made support, helping you reach your objectives in all areas of your life.

Alain Arsenault
Wealth Management Advisor

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Standard and Administrative Services

Karine St-Pierre, Member Services Manager

  • Nicole Lavoie, Technical and Administrative Support Agent
  • Alex Gagnon, Member Services Agent
  • Marie-Josée Cloutier, Operations Support Agent
  • Élizabeth Garreffa, Member Services Agent
  • Véronique St-Pierre Desrosiers, Member Services Agent
  • Reina Duguay, Member Services Agent
  • Berlise Laure Djouaze Ndie, Member Services Agent
  • Massinissa Iggui, Member Services Agent
  • Noémie Dignard, Teller

Advisory Services and Wealth Management

  • Cindy Labrie-Bujold, Market Development Manager
  • Abdallah Sayad, Compliance and Operational Efficiency Assistant Manager
  • Alain Arsenault, Wealth Management Advisor
  • Annie Gasse, Personal Finance Advisor
  • Sylvie Pelletier, Personal Finance Advisor
  • Massal Diop, Personal Finance Advisor
  • Fanny Mercier-Duchesne, Personal Finance Advisor (Youth Segment)- Age 15 to 17 Segment
  • Lydia Lévesque, Personal Finance Advisor (Youth Segment) - School Caisse Representative
  • Priscilla Gagnon-Durette, Personal Finance Advisor
  • Maude Lareau, Personal Finance Advisor
  • Marc-Antoine Déraps, Personal Finance Advisor
  • Sonia Ouellet, Financial Services Agent
  • Luce Jomphe, Financial Services Agent
  • Mélanie Pinet, Financial Services Agent
  • Denise Claveau, Financial Services Agent
  • Kanza Lahssini, Personal Finance Advisor
  • Nadia Tremblay, Personal Finance Advisor
  1. Financial Planner and Mutual Funds Representative for Desjardins Financial Services Firm Inc.
  2. Mutual Funds Representative for Desjardins Financial Services Firm Inc.