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Voyageurs Credit Union has a long tradition of involvement with local youth. This is why it is so enthusiastic about the massive concerted effort being made by all Desjardins components toward youth outreach.

Young people: at the heart of our priorities

Desjardins Voyageurs Credit Union is pleased to introduce Caitlin Fournier1, Personal Finance Advisor - Youth and Young Professionals.

Backed by a team dedicated to the youth market, her role is to inform young people about Desjardins products and services designed especially for them. She organizes educational lectures at various schools to help young people determine which products and services are best-suited to their needs, while teaching them about their financial situation, budgeting, sound credit management, the pitfalls of debt, saving for special projects, and much more.

Ms. Fournier is also available to meet with young members at any of the Desjardins branches in Sudbury to discuss their concerns, help them identify their needs and answer their questions.

Education and youth are priorities for Desjardins Voyageurs Credit Union. By appointing a youth advisor, we reiterate our cooperative difference: being an innovative financial institution focused on our youth clientele.

Young Intern Officer program

From the age of 18, and until age 30, you can participate in the Young Intern Officer program. It gives you the chance to complete a practical one-year internship on the Voyageurs Credit Union (Sudbury, Oshawa, Toronto, Mississauga, Midland, Thunder Bay) Board of Directors or Board of Supervision.

Young intern officers work with elected officers and learn about the various aspects of the role of administrators, such as:

  • participating in meetings and discussions
  • proposing new ways to improve services to younger members
  • having a hand in the development of the caisse and community
  • honing your strategic skills and knowledge through a focused training program

The Young Intern Officer program gives young people the chance to experience something new and build a network of personal and professional contacts in the largest cooperative financial group in Canada.

Voyageurs Credit Union (Sudbury, Oshawa, Toronto, Mississauga, Midland, Thunder Bay) Board of Directors intern officers participate in discussions leading to caisse decisions, caisse orientations, and the supervision of caisse activities on behalf of the general membership.

All the while, they ensure that Desjardins's mission, values and cooperative nature are upheld. They also oversee the caisse's strategic performance and risk management, and its member and community relations.

Zoom sur la bourse contest

High school students in the area served by the Voyageurs Credit Union (Sudbury, Oshawa, Toronto, Mississauga, Midland, Thunder Bay) can enter the Zoom sur la bourse contest. The contest aims to help young teens broaden their understanding of the stock exchange all the while developing their research skills. It consists of a trading simulation during which stock market shares are bought and sold.

Students are given a theoretical amount of $10,000 to invest in a stock portfolio. Students may sell shares from one company and buy shares of another company weekly during a 5-week period. The students whose portfolios see the most growth are the winners.

A total of $1,700 will be awarded in cash to winning students and their schools. The grand prize is $500 for the winning student and $500 for his or her school. Second and third place winners and their schools will be awarded $250 and $100.

  1. Mutual Funds Representative for Desjardins Financial Services Firm Inc.