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Caisse d'économie des Mines, métaux et services publics (Côte-Nord) is committed to your people because we know they are the future.

Several initiatives and structuring projects were developed and launched in the last few years.


Every year, the caisse awards more than $5,500 in scholarships at the year-end galas of the following schools:

  • École Manikoutai
  • Centre de formation professionnelle de Sept-Îles
  • Cégep de Sept-Îles

Scholarships - Desjardins Foundation

The caisse also awards a Desjardins Foundation scholarship for post-secondary students (vocational studies, technical studies, college and university).

To learn more, see Scholarships.

Young Intern Officer Program

The Young Intern Officer Program gives young people 18 to 30 the chance to sit on a caisse Board of Directors or Board of Supervision, to represent members of their community and contribute to caisse performance. Young Intern Officers actively participate in the board's work, but with no voting rights. They are named for a term determined by the board.

To learn more, see Young Intern Officer Program.