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A dynamic team is entirely dedicated to you to meet your specific needs and provide you with personalized assistance.

Youth advisors

  • Financial planning tailored to your needs
  • Financing
  • Savings and investment
  • Drawing up a budget
  • Tips and strategies for your financial projects (buying a car, school, traveling, credit card, etc.).

Louise Bourdon
Youth Advisor
450-777-5353, ext. 7746224
Contact by e-mail

Lauriane Dupont
Youth Advisor
450-777-5353, ext. 7742385
Contact by e-mail

Caroline Fleury
Youth Advisor
450-777-5353, ext. 7743269
Contact by e-mail

Mélanie Martel
Youth Advisor
450-777-5353, ext. 7743269
Contact by e-mail

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