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Since the Caisse is highly committed to helping youth, it formed partnerships with various Desjardins Group business units that support youth.

Youth advisor

The Caisse hired a youth advisor to help our young members better understand financial issues. Artur Puiu, our young, dynamic and dedicated youth advisor, has risen to the challenge. The Caisse looks towards the future by focusing on the needs of young people.

Want to get advice on tuition costs?
Want to start your own business?
Want to buy a car?
Whatever your financial project, our youth advisor can help you make the right decisions and fulfill your dreams.

Call Artur Puiu at 514-334-6006, ext. 7362105, or send an email - This link will open in a new window..

Desjardins fundation

Supporting education is a top priority for Desjardins fundation. Since it was created over 40 years ago, over 9,600 recipients shared $13 million. Some recipients are members of your caisse. Scholarships help young members of the next generation achieve their dreams and ambitions.

School caisse

Early schooling financial education

To fulfill our mission of providing cooperative and financial education, we formed a partnership with an elementary school to provide a school caisse for students. It will help them learn about the importance of saving and sound financial management.

To acknowledge effort, attendance and responsibility, the Caisse will distribute member dividends of $10 to students who made 7 or more deposits throughout the year, regardless to the amount deposited.

Visit the Coopme section for a wide range of tips and tricks to teach your child about money. Be sure to watch Charly and Max get involved, a video designed for 6- to 11-year-olds. The interactive section includes a web series, games, quizzes contests and much more! Desjardins is proud to provide fun and useful tools that foster financial education for children at the very earliest stages of their schooling.

Young Intern Officer

The Young Intern Officer Program initiates young people to the role of caisse administrator. The program is one of the ways the Caisse fulfills its mission to educate about cooperation, the economy and finance. Apply now!