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The Caisse Desjardins des Versants du mont Royal has a long tradition of involvement with local youth. This is why it is so enthusiastic about the massive concerted effort being made by all Desjardins components toward youth outreach.

Desjardins Youth Offer

Are you between 12 and 17? See High school students.

Are you a vocational, college or university student? See Post-secondary students.

Are you a new member of the workforce? See Young workers.

Young Intern Officer Program

One of the Caisse's priorities is to educate young people about cooperation, the economy and finances. This is why it participates in the Young Intern Officer program, which invites young people 18 to 30 to do a one-year practical internship on the Caisse Board of Directors.

To find out more, see Young Intern Officer Program.

Fondation Desjardins scholarships

Education is at the heart of our mission, and the Caisse is proud to contribute to Fondation Desjardins, which awards over $500,000 in scholarships each year.

To find out more, see Fondation Desjardins scholarships.

Donations and sponsorships

Education and youth are key components of the Caisse donations and sponsorship program. Active in the community, the Caisse has, from the outset, supported numerous local and regional initiatives in the areas of economic development, health, the environment, education, arts, culture, sports and leisure.

To find out more, see Donations and sponsorships.

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