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Caisse Desjardins de La Côte-de-Beaupré has a long tradition of involvement with local youth. This is why it is so enthusiastic about the massive concerted effort being made by all Desjardins components toward youth outreach.

Your caisse is proud to support the following projects or organizations:

Association de Soccer des Premières Seigneuries
The caisse is proud to offer new sweaters to players of the novice, U-8 to U-18, and senior categories.
Coopérative Jeunesse de services de la Côte-de-Beaupré
Coopérative jeunesse de services (CJS) de la Côte-de-Beaupré gives young people aged between 12 and 14 the opportunity to take part in a project where they can learn about the basics of entrepreneurship, cooperation, team work and the values of work well done.
The La murale des trésors fresco at École de Saint-Joachim
This collective project, carried out by 100 students of École primaire La Pionnière, is a great legacy for the community.
Skatepark at Ange-Gardien
Thanks to the caisse's support, the young people behind the skatepark initiative were able to see their project through, from idea to reality.

By choosing your caisse, you support student retention and academic success

We take student retention to heart. In addition to actively participating in Desjardins Group's initiatives, the caisse sets itself apart from all other socioeconomic players in the region by supporting education-related projects.

The caisse is proud to partner with Chantier Local d'Actions Persévérance (CLAP) to financially support their various programs, including the following:

The Tuning program: It ignites perseverance
The Tuning program's goal is to motivate students, through a mechanical workshop, to stay in school. It's an excellent way to prepare them for to the job market reality.
Comme sur des roulettes!
The project introduces the special needs students of École secondaire du Mont-Sainte-Anne (ESMA) to woodworking and graphic design by helping them create their own skateboard.
La Fabrique Atypique: Building a better tomorrow
The goal of this project is to instill in young people the desire to learn by having them build sheds.

The winners of the 2018 Ma bourse, mon avenir contest

The 2018 winners

Caisse Desjardins de la Côte-de-Beaupré is committed to the academic success of its members. Every year, we encourage local youth to pursue their studies.

In 2018, we awarded $17,500 in scholarships to secondary 5, vocational, CEGEP and university students.

Desjardins Foundation scholarships

Caisse Desjardins de La Côte-de-Beaupré contributes to the Desjardins Foundation, which awards over half a million dollars in scholarships each year.

Learn more about Desjardins Foundation scholarships.'s educational mission and offer

At the caisse, we do everything we can to give our young members the chance to learn how to manage their finances and make plans for the future. Through the information, advice and funding we share, we hope to demonstrate the Desjardins difference, the advantages of cooperation and the fundamentals of finance.

The school caisse and youth dividends

We encourage elementary school students to participate in the school caisse, an educational program that helps students become autonomous, responsible and skilled at managing their savings and their spending habits. Students who join the school caisse are eligible for youth dividends paid out annually from our Community Development Fund (some conditions apply). Learn more about the school caisse - External link. This link will open in a new window..

Are you between 12 and 17?

Caisse Desjardins de La Côte-de-Beaupré wants to help young people achieve their goals and plans. One of the ways it helps regional youth is to hold financial information sessions with secondary 5 students. These sessions provide students with information and advice on how to manage their personal finances, at a stage in life when many of them are starting post-secondary education and developing their autonomy and sense of responsibility.

To learn more about Desjardins products and services for 12- to 17-year-olds, see High school students.

Are you a vocational, CEGEP or university student?

To learn more about Desjardins products and services and various references and contests for post-secondary students, see Post-secondary students.

Have you recently entered the job market?

See Young workers.

Young Intern Officer Program

Are you a caisse member between 18 to 30? Would you like to add professional experience and real achievements to your resumé? Take part in the life of the largest financial cooperative in Canada by sitting on a Desjardins caisse Board of Directors or Board of Supervision.

Learn more about the Young Intern Officer Program.