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Youth incentive scholarships: $55,000 to be won

Are you wholeheartedly committed to a project that benefits your school or community? Do you stand out in a sport, in arts or culture or for your entrepreneurial efforts?

We find you inspiring and want to reward your efforts!

Congratulations to our 2018 recipients!

School or community commitment category
10 scholarships of $1,250 each

  • Olivier Blanchet
  • Victoria Chouinard
  • Samuel Côté-Leclerc
  • Kim Sauvestre
  • Élodie Dubuc-Bernard
  • Benjamin Labbé
  • Pier-Olivier Poulin-Gagnon
  • Claudie Michaud-Couture
  • Benjamin Fitzback
  • Anne-Laurie Savard

Sports, arts and culture category
30 scholarships of $1,250 each

  • Philippe Giguère
  • Charlotte Brown
  • Marika Couture
  • Frédérique Couture
  • Chloe Bono
  • Telly Cimon
  • Jason Lachance
  • Mia Desautels
  • Liliane Gagnon
  • Ann-Frédérique Pineault
  • Catherine Perreault
  • Jennie Perron
  • Victor Perron
  • Magali Champagne
  • Alexandre Duchaine
  • David Trudeau
  • Florence Racine-Lacombe
  • Étienne Caron
  • Philippe Thérien
  • Morris Garon
  • Gabriel de Varennes
  • Sébastien La Roche
  • Étienne Brousseau
  • Marion Turenne
  • Hans Garon
  • Annabelle Gadoury
  • Raphaël Nadeau
  • Marie-Sandra Ujeneza
  • Amélie Thérien
  • Loïc Maheux

Entrepreneurship category
4 scholarships of $1,250 each

  • Mathieu Leclerc
  • Justin Deschênes-Lemieux
  • Anne-Sophie Paquet
  • Virginie Aspirot-Buron

How to enter - Back in September 2018

Fill out the entry form (site in French only) - External link. This link will open in a new window..

To learn more, see the contest rules (in French only, PDF, 286 KB) - This link will open in a new window..

See the poster (in French only, PDF, 862 KB) - This link will open in a new window..

Deadline to enter: To be announced in September 2018

For questions, contact Ludivine Caron by phone at 418-626-1146, ext. 7101102, or by email - This link will open in a new window..

Congratulations to 2017 scholarship recipients!

5 scholarships of $250 each - Elementary level

  • Olivier Falardeau
  • Alexanne Plamondon
  • Anabelle Corriveau
  • Émilie Belle-Isle
  • Raphaël Blanchet

5 scholarships of $500 each - High school level

  • Benjamin Fitzback
  • Simon Ruelland
  • Florence Perreault
  • Catherine Perreault
  • Maïka Moreau

5 scholarships of $500 each - Vocational level

  • Monia Sheehy
  • Paul Abesque
  • Yanick Poulin
  • Michèle Boutin
  • Maud Hébert

5 scholarships of $1,000 each - CEGEP level

  • Christophe Renaud
  • Kassandra Shushack
  • Justine Rousseau
  • Myriam Giguere
  • Matea Marjanovic

5 scholarships of $3,000 each - University level

  • Magaly-Ann Guimont
  • Jérôme Garneau
  • Gabriel Gouveia-Fortin
  • Calypso Sala
  • Sofia Laforest

The program is yet another example of the caisse's commitment to youth.

Young Intern Officer Program

An exceptional opportunity to take part in the life of the biggest financial cooperative in Canada!

For application deadlines, follow our Facebook page - This link will open in a new window..

Learn more about the Young Intern Officer Program.

School caisse: Good savings habits start young

To help introduce children to sound savings habits at an early age Caisse populaire Desjardins de Charlesbourg actively supports the educational school caisse services at local schools. A wide variety of content and games for kids and their parents are available on the school caisse website - External link. This link will open in a new window..

Desjardins Foundation scholarships: Supporting young people in their projects

The Caisse supports young people in their studies by making an annual donation to Desjardins Foundation, which awards over $700,000 in student scholarships. See Desjardins Foundation.