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School caisse

To help introduce children to sound savings habits at an early age, the caisse populaire Desjardins Le Manoir actively supports the educational school caisse services. The following schools have been participating in the school caisse program: École du Soleil-Levant, École de la Source, École La Mennais, École des Hauts-Bois, École de la Seigneurie, École Aux 4 Vents, École le Rucher, École de l'Orée-des-Bois, École de l'Aubier, École du Boisé, École du Gai-Bleu and École Saint-Joachim.

What is a school caisse account? What is a school caisse account?
  • It belongs to the child
  • No adminsitrations fees
  • Deposits are made at school (withdrawals are made only at the caisse)1.
  • Track activity on your paper account statement or the school caisse website
How does a school caisse work?

How does a school caisse work?

It's simple! Before the designated day:

  • put the money in the school caisse envelope (envelopes will be mailed to you at the beginning of the school year)
  • fill out the deposit slip with your child and have them sign it
  • detach the deposit slip and put it in the envelope
  • give the envelope to your child to bring to school before the pickup day
A site to check out

A site to check out

Do you need tips, ideas, family activities or educational videos to help you teach your child about money?

Go to for information about saving. The site also lists the designated pickup dates for the year and information on how to receive the school caisse newsletter.

Is your child a school caisse member yet?

If not, sign them up at It's so quick and easy!

1. When the first withdrawal is made from the account, the caisse will check the identity of the person who filled out and signed the registration form. If the child is under 12, the identity of the father, mother or guardian will be verified with recognized pieces of ID.