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About the caisse

Each Caisse member is also a co-owner of the Caisse. Find out more about caisse operations.

The Caisse Desjardins Richelieu – Saint-Mathias is an innovative financial cooperative and partner in community development that actively participates in financial education and the financial success of the community through the quality of its expertise.


The Caisse Desjardins Richelieu—Saint-Mathias is a financial leader recognized as one of the top employers and a model for the community and characterized by its financial health, an excellent and devoted team and a proactive service offer.

Service offer

A dynamic, professional and accessible team dedicated to giving members a distinctive experience based on a warm business relationship and personalized service offer.


Consideration: esteem for others, respect for co-workers, members and our differences.

Sincerity: loyalty, candour, saying what one really thinks, honesty.

Team spirit: joining our efforts, getting involved, having a positive attitude that fosters harmony, developing a sense of belonging and knowing how to compromise.

Dedication: taking ownership, being proactive, taking responsibility for one's actions.


Through the Annual General Meeting, your caisse calls on you. It gives you the opportunity to participate in a variety of consultations such as how surplus earnings should be allocated. It also gives you the opportunity to exercise your right to vote to adopt or amend caisse by-laws and elect the officers who sit on the Board of Directors and Board of Supervision.

The last Annual General Meeting of the Caisse Desjardins Richelieu–Saint-Mathias was held on April 18, 2017. The Caisse's balance sheet and financial results were presented to members. The Board of Directors and Board of Supervision both reported to the annual meeting.

For details, see caisse financial results.

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We're proud to announce that, over the last 10 years, the Caisse paid out $7,710,000 in member dividends to its members.

Thank you to all our members and see you next year!