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The caisse has launched a call for applications to fill openings on the Board of Directors.

See position requirements and other details in the call for application and participate in your caisse's democratic life.

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About the caisse

Each caisse member is also a co-owner of the caisse. Find out more about caisse operations.

True to its cooperative difference, Caisse Desjardins de la Petite-Nation provides members and clients with innovative, value-added financial products and services that are personalized to fit their changing needs.

Your caisse celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2010

On March 1, 2000, Caisse de la Petite-Nation became a legal entity serving the entire Petite-Nation region.

Today's Caisse was the result of merger of the Caisse populaires de Chénéville, Montebello, Papineauville, Ripon and Saint-André-Avellin. The merger provided the Caisse with the economic strength to meet the goals of its members. It is now a major local cooperative institution in financial, cultural, social and community matters.

The Caisse serves a rural market and tourist market that is particularly remarkable for its potential for development. At the centre of the Caisse's commitment is the desire to establish lasting, efficient business relations with its 12,050 members.

Our great strength resides in the wide range of products and financial services we make available to you under one roof. Our offer and exceptional results would be impossible without the concerted efforts of employees, managers and directors, all passionate about one thing: our members' complete satisfaction.

An accessible and leading edge financial institution, in close contact with its members:

  • 3 service centres, 1 automated centre, 5 ATMs throughout the area
  • a Desjardins Business Centre
  • wealth management services

Competent employees and a full range of financial products and services:

  • over 36 employees concerned with member satisfaction
  • a group of expert financial planners and subsidiary specialists
  • a comprehensive and adapted range of financing, investment, insurance products and services, as well as complementary products

Since the 5 caisses merged, Caisse de la Petite-Nation's assets have gone from $117M to $306M. We are proud of the evolution of the relationship our team shares with you, our members.

This didn't just happen. Rather, it is the result of our directors' expertise and volunteer commitment, the quality of the services offered and our employees' professionalism.

Over the years, our institution has been able to earn and maintain the trust of the population. The success we know today is the most tangible testimony we could hope for, and we thank all our members for it.

View the 10th anniversary fascicle: Fascicule du 10e anniversaire (in French only, PDF, 241 KB) - This link will open in a new window..

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