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About the caisse

A financial cooperative with deep roots in the community, Caisse Desjardins des Moissons has 12,235 members. Each Caisse member is also a co-owner of the Caisse. Find out more about caisse operations.

Our vision

The Caisse Desjardins des Moissons is recognized as:

  • the leading financial institution in its community;
  • the economic and social leader for community development.

Each member of the Caisse has a team of experts at hand to provide guidance for successful financial management.

Our officers and employees are involved and anticipate the needs of the community.

Our values

  • Money working for people
  • Personal involvement
  • Respect
  • Integrity and conscientiousness
  • Community spirit

Our motto

Caisse Desjardins des Moissons: A touchstone of finance for all generations. Experts available now for your future.

With 12,250 members and $713.3 million in business volume under management, Caisse Desjardins des Moissons is a major economic force in a region dubbed the “gardens of Quebec” due to its significant vegetable production, which represents approximately 50% of all vegetable production in Quebec.

The caisse yesterday and today

It all began on August 4, 1912. The Caisse populaire Desjardins Saint-Rémi was founded at a public meeting held in the Saint-Rémi church. The meeting was led by Alphonse Desjardins, the founder of the first caisse populaire, which was founded in Lévis on December 6, 1900. At the time, Desjardins Group was still at its first steps, but thanks to the courage of our caisse's founders and the enthusiasm our members had for their cooperative, our caisse soon grew strong and successful.

For a long time, the cooperative had no building of its own. Over the years, the caisse offered its services from the home of its general manager, from the Magasin Arthur Collette, the J.-Hildège Houle jewellery boutique, the Provençal store's annex on Perras street and the home of Paul Lamoureux. Then in 1962, the Caisse purchased 2 lots on Notre-Dame street to build its new offices. Since then, major renovations have been carried out on the building to adapt it to new member usage habits, in particular, interior layout suited for asset management, advisory services, teller services and automated services.

The Caisse populaire de Ste-Clotilde-de-Châteauguay was founded on April 6, 1936. At a Special General Meeting on July 5, 1995, the Caisse members approved a proposal to merge with the Caisse populaire Desjardins Saint-Rémi on January 1, 1996.

The Caisse populaire St-Michel de Napierville welcomed its first members on May 2, 1959. At a Special General Meeting on March 22, 2000, the Caisse members approved a proposal to merge with the Caisse populaire Desjardins Saint-Rémi.

Since January 1, 2001, financial products and services from Desjardins and its subsidiaries have been offered to members by a new entity, Caisse populaire des Moissons, with the expertise of around 40 employees working at the Caisse head office in Saint-Rémi. In April, 2007, it became the Caisse Desjardins des Moissons to reflect Desjardins's rebranding initiative.

The Caisse's community involvement

Since 1983, the Caisse has paid out over $15.6 million in member dividends. Since 1992, more than $902,900 has been contributed to the Community Development Fund. These funds support structuring projects that will improve the quality of life of communities.

Concretely, the Caisse returns over $175,000 a year to the community in the form of sponsorships, donations and grants. No other financial institution does as much for its members. The Desjardins difference is exclusive to Desjardins. It would, however, be impossible for us to do as much without the confidence of our members.

Many of our Caisse officers and employees also dedicate their expertise, leadership and initiative to volunteering with community organizations. These people actively join forces with other community members with a common goal to involve, help and develop the community.

Helping young people develop awareness of savings and cooperation

The student caisse at École Pierre-Bédard was founded on January 25, 1995. Its mission is to introduce high school students to savings, economics and cooperation. The student caisse is an educational, economic and social cooperative. This mini-caisse is managed by 7 volunteer high school students who sit on its Board of Directors. Its enthusiastic team offers nearly 300 student members the quality services that they are entitled to receive. The supervision required to achieve educational objectives is provided by one of the school teachers and by a Youth Development Advisor from the Caisse.

As at June 30, 2011, the student caisse held $547,800 in assets and had $8,049 in surplus earnings. On December 10, 2010, student members attending the Annual General Meeting decided on the payment of individual member dividends of $10 for an amount of $2,770, as well as contribution of $4,060 to the Community Development Fund for students, a first in Quebec. The money will be used to purchase equipment for the students' well-being. Since 2006, over $10,000 in "Projet d'Avenir" certificates has been awarded to students to encourage them to pursue their studies and, by the same token, ensure themselves a better future. The student caisse also received a Recognition Award for 2007-2008 in the "Achievement-Partnership" category for its outstanding partnership with the school.

Honours and awards

In February 2008, the Caisse was proud to receive the jury's favourite award at the Gala Summum in the "Cooperative Difference" category. This awarded recognized the achievements and enthusiasm of the young volunteer officers and tellers at the student caisse at École Pierre-Bédard. In 2007, the Caisse won the Gala Summum trophy in the "Cooperative Difference" category for its social and community involvement. In 2006, the Caisse received an honourable mention for its student caisse educational project.

Over the years, the Caisse has won prestigious awards, including 1st prize in the "Avec un grand D" contest in 2000, the Abeille d'argent in 1999, and the Abeille d'or in the category best performance in cooperative practices in 1998. These contests were organized by Desjardins Group.

Pursuing the tradition

Over the years, the incredible devotion of our founding volunteers, the participation of our officers, the professionalism of our employees and the loyalty of our members have given the Caisse Desjardins des Moissons the chance to become an important economic force as the leading financial institution in the region.

Thank you for making Caisse Desjardins des Moissons your financial institution.

Caisse Desjardins des Moissons: top financial institution in the area.