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Involvement in the community

The caisse understands the challenges and issues its members face daily. Sensitive to their needs and concerns, the caisse is proactive and supports members in advancing their community and in initiatives aimed at improving individual and collective well-being.

In addition to all the financial services it offers, the Caisse also provides special services:

Financial aid program
This program is unique, customized and strictly confidential.

Budgeting service
Whether you are getting a separation or divorce, or you have debt overload due to excessive spending, gambling problems or alcohol or drug dependences, your group caisse advisors can work with you to create a budget that will respect your income and expenses.

Retirement analysis
Our financial planning can analyse your situation and help you plan for your retirement based on your retirement plan, which we know very well.

Your caisse team regularly offers educational lectures on current financial issues, usually scheduled at noon.

Financing training for retirement
Within the retirement training program offered by the Ville de Québec, the Caisse du personnel municipal provides financial training about what you need to prepare and take into account for this important step in your life.