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Involvement in the community

The caisse understands the challenges and issues facing its members. With their support, it can provide its fellow citizens with valuable help regarding initiatives aimed at common betterment and the advancement of society.

The Caisse has a help fund that serves to redistribute a portion of the cooperative's surplus earnings to the community. Following a proposal by the Board of Directors, members decide, during the Annual General Meeting, what portion of the surplus earnings will be paid into the help fund. With the help of their caisse, members can support causes that are important to them.

The members who sit on the Board of Directors manage the help fund. Every year, they report on the fund during the Annual General Meeting.

To optimize its involvement in the community, the Caisse has adopted a policy to guide the attribution and management of donations and sponsorships..

Associations, groups, institutions, organizations, individuals or promoters seeking financial support from the Caisse are invited to read the policy before applying for a donation or sponsorship.

All requests for assistance must be made using the application form. Please save the form on your computer hard drive and submit your completed form to us by email at the specified address.

See the Community Development Fund policy: politique d'aide au développement du milieu de la Caisse (in French only, PDF, 830 KB) - This link will open in a new window..

Fill out the application form: Demande de don, commandite ou du Fonds d'aide au développement du milieu (in French only, PDF, 914 KB) - This link will open in a new window..

With your help, we are contributing to the growth of your community!

The Community Development Fund, donations and sponsorships are important factors that support the socioeconomic vitality of your community. The fund is built by members like you, who consent to having a portion of their surplus earnings returned to the community by way of a vote at the Annual General Meeting. In 2016, more than $622,000 was invested in various areas:

Sector Donations and sponsorships Community Development Fund Total
Cooperation and environment $24,256 $69,815 $94,071
Culture $4,900 $45,000 $49,900
Economic development $98,816 $73,200 $172,016
Education $38,189 $84,649 $122,838
Humanitarian aid $11,970 ---- $11,970
Health and healthy lifestyles $37,243 $134,000 $171,243
Total $215,374 $406,664 $622,038