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Involvement in the community

The caisse understands the challenges and issues facing its members. With their support, it can provide its fellow citizens with valuable help regarding initiatives aimed at common betterment and the advancement of society.

Your caisse supports local and regional initiatives in various areas.

In 2012, the Caisse awarded over $96,000 to about 50 community organizations, associations, and community, cultural, humanitarian, educational and sports projects.

To apply for a Caisse donation or sponsorship,

In 2015, the Caisse provided financial support for the following projects, associations and organizations:

  • les Mardis des Jardins and Maxi-fête at Parc Fernand-Bouffard
  • Théâtre du 450
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada Choir
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada Retirees Club
  • Association des artistes peintres de Longueuil
  • Plein Sud, exhibition and modern art centre in Longueuil
  • Pionniers de Longueuil
  • Diabète Rive-Sud
  • L'Atelier théâtral
  • Fondation du Cégep Édouard-Montpetit
  • Fondation Jasmin-Roy
  • Desjardins Foundation
  • Maison Victor-Gadbois
  • Fondation Les Amis de la C.A.S.A.
  • Fondation Marie-Ève-Saulnier

The Community Development Fund serves to redistribute a portion of the cooperative's surplus earnings to the community. Following a proposal by the board of directors, during the annual general meeting, members decide what portion of the surplus earnings will be paid into the community fund. Through their caisse, members can support causes that are important to them.

Members who sit on the board of directors manage the community fund. Every year, they report on the fund at the annual general meeting.

In 2015, members of Caisse Desjardins du Vieux-Longueuil agreed to contribute $62,000 to the Community Development Fund.

Help fund recipients

Commission scolaire Marie-Victorin
Adult education bursaries (collaboration of 7 caisses)
École secondaire Jacques-Rousseau
Financial support to the Foundation;
Graduate scholarships (general and vocational sectors);
Student caisse (now Finance Lab) for nearly 20 years
Maison de jeunes Kekpart
Major partnership with the borough caisses for the Centre de formation des arts de la scène Desjardins.
Fabrique de la paroisse Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue
Fundraising campaign
Fondation Eulalie-Durocher
Fundraising campaign
Desjardins Mutual Assistance Funds
Microcredit to individuals program - Association coopérative d'économie familiale de la Rive-Sud (ACEF)
Microcredit to Businesses
Microcredit to businesses program - Association communautaire d'emprunt de la Rive-Sud (ACERS)

Caisse Desjardins du Vieux-Longueuil practices intercooperation whenever possible and, with a view to maximizing the scope of its efforts, regularly joins forces with the following caisses:

  • Caisse Desjardins Charles-LeMoyne
  • Caisse Desjardins Pierre-Boucher
  • Caisse Desjardins de Saint-Hubert
  • Caisse Desjardins de Saint-Pierre-Apôtre

Here are projects that have reaped the benefits of this cooperative synergy:

  • Commission scolaire Marie-Victorin
  • Corporation Le Vieux-Longueil en fête
  • Fondation Anna-Laberge
  • Fondation de l'Hôpital du Suroît
  • Fondation de l'Hôpital Pierre-Boucher
  • Fondation de l'Orchestre symphonique de Longueuil
  • Fondation Hôpital Charles-LeMoyne
  • Fondation internationale des Cultures à partager
  • Fondation pour Elle
  • La Coupe DIX30
  • La grande guignolée des médias de la Rive-Sud de Montréal
  • Maison de Jonathan
  • Maison La Virevolte
  • Créavenir program
  • Desjardins Youth Work Experience program
  • Un Vélo, une ville