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Involvement in the community

Caisse Desjardins Des Rivières de Québec expresses its cooperative difference in many ways: by putting your needs first in our service offer, by giving back member dividends, by hosting lectures to help members learn about cooperation, economics and finances, by supporting community development and cooperation, and by using democratic processes.

Your caisse is proud to support several local community initiatives promoting education, economic development, humanitarian projects and community services, la cooperation, health and healthy lifestyle habits, the environment and sports.

Requests for financial assistance under $1,000

To apply for financial assistance:

To apply for more than $1,000, see the Community Development section.

Requests for financial assistance over $1,000

To get an application, contact Silvana Polacco by email - This link will open in a new window..

Caisse Desjardins Des Rivières de Québec is committed to investing in the community through the Community Development Fund, a fund set up by caisse members to help carry out growth-generating projects in the community. The fund allows us to show our solidarity and help bring tangible improvement to community well-being.

Applications for funding of growth-generating projects (over $1,000) are evaluated by a committee made up of caisse management team members and the Board of Directors.

Stronger together program

Becoming a caisse member means supporting your cooperative and social commitment in the community

It's also having the power to choose a social cause that the caisse will donate $25 to through its Stronger Together program. This amount will be taken from the Community Development Fund and remitted in your name.

List of causes supported by the 2019 program


Fondation Le Petit Blanchon
This organization works with children who are victims of serious abuse, neglect and violence.

This organization helps women and teen victims of sexual assault.

This organization helps men in difficulty who are trying to get their lives back on track.

Round table of elder abuse, neglect and violence
This round table acts as a preventive measure for seniors to fight against abuse, neglect and violence.

Palliative care

Maison Michel-Sarrazin
This convalescent home provides relief and care to people with cancer in the last stage of their lives while supporting their loved ones.


Suicide prevention centre
This organization provides specialized professional services to promote the prevention, intervention and postintervention of suicidal people, their loved ones and their bereaved.


Fondation Jasmin Roy
This organization fights against bullying, violence and discrimination against primary and high school kids.


Organizations helping low income earners in the fight against poverty and the social exclusion of needy people and families in our area.

Société Saint-Vincent de Paul de Duberger
Société Saint-Vincent de Paul de Loretteville
Partage Chrétien Les Saules
Chevaliers de Colomb de Saint-Émile
Amélie et Frédérick
Ruche Vanier


Or would you prefer to support a cause that's close to your heart? Please indicate the cause you'd like to support and we'll make a donation in your name.