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Involvement in the community

The caisse understands the challenges and issues facing its members. With their support, it can provide its fellow citizens with valuable help regarding initiatives aimed at common betterment and the advancement of society.

Your caisse supports local and regional initiatives in various areas.

Fill out the sponsorship application form - This link will open in a new window. (in French only, PDF, 546 KB).

The Community Development Fund serves to redistribute a portion of the cooperative's surplus earnings to the community. Following a proposal by the board of directors, during the annual general meeting, members decide what portion of the surplus earnings will be paid into the community fund. Through their caisse, members can support causes that are important to them.

Members who sit on the board of directors manage the community fund. Every year, they report on the fund at the annual general meeting.

Any non-profit organization or association located on the caisse territory with a social project can submit a request for financial aid from this fund.

To submit a request, simply fill out the form (in French only, PDF, 546 KB) - This link will open in a new window., print it and send it to the Caisse at the address located at the end of the form.

Read the Community Development Fund policy: Politique du Fonds d'aide au développement du milieu (in French only, PDF, 330 KB) - This link will open in a new window.

See the 2018 year in review: Revue de l'année 2018 (in French only, PDF, 1.02 MB) - This link will open in a new window.

Caisse Desjardins des Chutes Montmorency practices intercooperation whenever possible and, with a view to maximizing the scope of its efforts, regularly joins forces with the following caisses:

  • Caisse Desjardins de Beauport
  • Caisse Desjardins du Vieux-Moulin (Beauport)
  • Caisse Desjardins de La Côte-de-Beaupré
  • Caisse Desjardins de L'Île-d'Orléans

Here are projects that have reaped the benefits of this cooperative synergy:

  • Desjardins Microcredit to Businesses
  • Desjardins Mutual Assistance Funds
  • Le Festival de la jeunesse de Beauport
  • Le Pivot
  • School dropout prevention program by the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de Montmorency
  • Semaine de relâche intermunicipale
  • L'Association de Soccer des Premières-Seigneuries
  • L'Association de hockey mineur de la Côte de Beaupré
  • La Fondation du Cégep Limoilou
  • Vélirium
  • L'Association bénévole de la Côte-de-Beaupré
  • And many others

Desjardins Mutual Assistance Funds

This solidarity-based product, in partnership with Groupe de recherche en animation et planification économique (GRAPE), aims to help people experience financial difficulty through various budget consulting services and emergency loans, if necessary. The average loan allowed is $500, repayable interest-free within 24 months.

Desjardins Microcredit to Businesses

The result of a partnership between the caisses of Québec-Est and Fonds d'emprunt Québec, Desjardins Microcredit to Businesses is a solidarity-based product that considerably improves access to credit for small businesses and self-employed workers. It helps people or groups that are not eligible for financing from traditional networks by giving them access to financing and guiding them in accomplishing their business project. A total of 2,330 jobs have been created and maintained over 12 years.

Desjardins Youth Work Experience Program

Caisse Desjardins des Chutes Montmorency is proud to partner with Carrefour jeunesse-emploi Montmorency and businesses in the community to give local youth the unique opportunity to get their first summer job.

Program goals:

  • Give young members ages 15 to 18 their first realistic job experience to allow them to acquire personal and professional skills as well as develop sound work practices that they can use throughout their life.
  • Financially support businesses or member organizations that want to offer youth their first stimulating job experience for 6 weeks.